Monday, June 27, 2011

Topeka's First Zombie Walk for Hunger.

On Friday was Topeka's First Zombie Walk for Hunger. Being a huge fan of director George A Romero's 'Dead' movies, I have naturally also become a fan of these these great fun 'real life' events. Over the last couple of years I have attended the Kansas City Zombie walks, (who organized this one), which have always been a great success and raised much needed funds to feed the homeless and hungry in the KC metropolitan area. I have always enjoyed making photographs at these Zombie Walks and the images I have always attempted to capture have not strictly been journalistic, but instead more symbolic in nature and some of the images I have made have become important elements in a few of my past photographic projects.

More images from these events can be seen as a photo-feature at 'Get the Picture's website:


  1. Fun series , love the repeating red/white color palette too.

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