Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Get the Picture': New Book

Kansas City, MO
Kansas City

Downtown, KC
Kansas City

Kansas City, MO
Kansas City

Kansas City, MO
Kansas City, MO (Sprint Centre)

This week 'Get the Picture' photo agency, based in Paris, France published a limited edition book.

With a print run of only 200 this wonderful sixty page collection contains a broad selection photographs from six of its members, including myself and edited, designed and produced by Damien Lafargue, who has done a beautiful job putting it together.

From the Introduction:

"Get the Picture is a cooperative which provides a platform for a group of like minded photographers with the common objective of fostering mutual support, gaining exposure and a following for their personal and conceptual work.

This diverse group consists of a broad and distinctive range of ages, locations and experiences. Despite stylistic differences all are wanderers, and each in their own way share the need to make sense of a strange and often hostile world. These bodies of work take place in an intimate theatre of elaboration, in a completely personal time frame. The different series presented here explore a range of approaches each with it's own identity and particular narrative, random collections of signals and signifier's. Although each individual follows his own rules, this selection of works demonstrates how much they cross over."

The book contains work by these photographers:

. Harvey Benge
. Pascal Fellonneau
. Simon Kossoff
. Paul Kwiatkowski
. Damien Lafargue
. Philippe Taris

This book is available to buy at a reasonable price from 'Get the Pictures' website, where a preview can also be seen.

Thanks so much. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

39th St, Kansas City

39th St, KC

39th St, KC

39th St, KC

39th St, KC

39th St, KC

39th St, KC

Here are a selection of image made on Kansas City's 39th St.

The 39th Street West business district and its surrounding neighborhoods offer some of Kansas City 's richest history. Once a vineyard supporting a winery, 39th Street West rapidly became home to some of Kansas City 's most stately, stone and brick homes, destination restaurants and boutique retail.

One of the earliest suburban neighborhoods to flourish in Kansas City's turn of the century expansion, 39th Street West was served by two light rail lines: a single-track streetcar line running to Rosedale, and the "Strang Line" providing a direct connect to areas further south, like Olathe.

"39th Street is a colorful neighborhood district offering a fun mix of fine dining, casual & ethnic specialties. An eclectic mix of shops, bookstores & coffee houses." ~ AOL Cityguide

Monday, November 1, 2010

The King And I at Get the Picture

Thrift Store, MO
Lawrence, KS

Carthage, MO

Lawrence, KS
Lawrence, KS

Tarry Westley (II)
Liberty, MO

This is another selection of images from my series 'King and I'.

On my travels in the USA Elvis began appearing to me like some religious/cultural vision in a wide range of places and in the strangest of circumstances. From New York City to rural Kentucky and Virginia to the desert towns of Arizona. He has appeared in Shopping Malls and Thrift Stores and everywhere in between. Elvis has become one of the many ‘psychic coordinate points’ which I mention in the introduction to this blog and I have often orientated myself culturally around his scattered presence.

This series has naturally come to a conclusion, or perhaps the end of a chapter, after the inclusion of my recent portraits of Tarry Westley which were entered into Alec Soth's Flickr group From Here To There: Assignment #2. For chapter two and three of this series I intend to make portraits of Elvis impersonators and to also eventually travel to Graceland.

The complete series, including the portrait of Tarry Westley has now been published at my agency website 'Get the Picture' which can be found here: