Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bass Pro & Cabelas (II)

'Boastin 'bout Huntin' board

Bass Pro & Cabelas (I)

Cabellas, KS

Cabellas, KS
Hearing aids, Cabelas

Cabellas, KS

Bass Pro

Bas Pro
Fishing Tackle

Trapper, Cabelas

Decoys, Bass pro

Gun Library
Gun Library, Cabelas

Bass Pro and Cabelas are both massive and popular national American chain stores specializing in the selling of outdoor, hunting and fishing gear. Everything and anything, from Guns, Boats, Fishing Tackle, Camping Gear and Outdoor Clothing can be bought there. Services such as trophies and taxidermy are also available and the knowledge of the staff is extensive. Recently I made a visit to two of these stores and I was both impressed and overwhelmed by their extensive selection of guns and other weapons and their often gruesome displays of dead animals, which are exhibited throughout the stores in pride of place and posed in dramatic and realistic postures and environments. They are places where I am looking forward to making lots of new work.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salina, KS (Horizontal)

Recently I made a short trip to Salina Kansas, where my wife had a conference. This is a selection of the horizontal images I made whilst wondering around the town on that afternoon. Salina is located apx 164 miles west of Kansas City on Interstate 70. And is, I was told on my return, very close to the geographical centre of the USA.