Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AUBADE Magazine Issue 4

Issue 4 June 2011
I arrived home last night from what was a wild road trip (more on this later) to discover I have a couple of photographs published in the new issue of Aubade Magazine, issue 4. With each issue this wonderful magazine gets better and better and it is well worth ordering a copy if you have the chance. As always, many thanks to Chris Turner for all his time and energy creating it. It's a special thing.

Here's the blurb:

"Issue 4 of Aubade Magazine contains art by John Patrick Byrne (Painter & Playwright) and Mayako Nakamura, photography by Meral Guler, Jan Cieslikiewicz, Fredrik Holmer, Don Hudson, Jules Dernier amongst notable others, writing by C C Turner and J J Turner, some Egglestonian photos courtesy of NASA and a public warning section illustrating the clear dangers of parking beneath bridges in Bethnal Green, London."

US 56, KS

See a preview or order a copy of AUBADE Magazine issue 4 here:

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