Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pistol & Fur Book

New years Eve by Simon Kossoff

The excellent UK based photo-collective Pistol & Fur have published a book where I have one of my photographs included in it. I have been a huge fan of P&F for a long time now and love their vision and it comes as a great honor for me to have been chosen to be part of this new project. Many thanks to Jason Hynes, it's editor and creator on what looks to be a beautiful book.Thank you.
Hers's the Blurb about the book from Pistol & Fur's website:
51 page hand-made, limited edition of 100 books, size A6 book, includes 49 colour images from 49 photographers from the Pistol & Fur Collective. Each book is hand-made to order.

Book pages are printed on professional 170gsm matt ink jet photographic paper,
Book cover is made from 100% recycled card.

Photographers included in the book are:

Anabel Navarro,Goran Jovanovic,Louis Little,Pierre Wayser,Jelena Martinovic,Shelbie Dimond,Alexander Alekseenko,Sergiy Barchuk,Stephanie Gonot,Michael J Demeo,Johann Watzke,Bez Uma,Ana Himes,Erin Meehan,Carly Scott,Erika Braukis,Riccardo Nava,Samantha Casolari,Vins Baratta,Nina Zivkovic,Sara Visconti,Johnny De Guzman,Danny Hopkins,Derek Vincent,Alex Bloundele, Hanna Kallebo Neikter,Terry Westwood,Gabriel Chemery,Pipiabat,Kirill Kuletski,Maria Kopytova,Alex Catt,Nickolay Dyadechko,Daniel Ribar,Adele M Reed,Michael ten Pas,Ana Pereira,Steven Philip Brown,Claudia Moroni,Danielle Velterelle,Elina Nilsson,Herve Demers,Ramell Ross,Vivian Weidmann,Simon Kossoff,Victoria A. Lisbet,Benedetta Falugi,Maggie Shannon,Zhengdong Xu.
To order a copy of this book or explore P&F's website, follow this link:
Please see this link to view Jason's personal website:

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