Monday, August 9, 2010

Truth Managzine Volume.3

Truth Managzine Volume.3

I was really happy to discover today that I have a handful of images from my recent Utah Road Trip published in 'Truth' magazine, Volume three.

Follow the link below to see a preview or buy this excellent photo journal. Many thanks to Richard Payne for his dedication to this magazine - it's wonderful design and layout and brilliant edit. I am in great company there. Truth Vol 3 includes the work of these photographers:

Richard Payne

Michael Cinque

Albert Ruso

Christopher Turner

James Morris

James Guppy

William Rugen

David Blumenkrantz

David Weekes

Jack Hubbell

Jonathan Allen

Paul Russell

Lucia Fische

'Jenny' By Simon Kossoff

Follow this link to preview or order a copy:


  1. You beat me by 18 hours with this blog post.

  2. Congratulations Simon! Great stuff in there...