Friday, July 9, 2010

Motels (II): The Most Haunted Places in America

Conway, MO

Moab, UT

Guyman, KS

Santa Fe, NM

Denver, CO

Part Two of my continuing story about Motels.

When I'm traveling I like staying in cheap motels. There's something about them which captures my imagination. I love the atmosphere, the dated and crumbling decor, the buzzing neon signs, the musty smell of the rooms and the people that use them. I love to listen to the stories of those that work in the office. I love the plastic dusty flower displays, stale coffee, the old TV's and faded pictures hanging on the walls. I love the cracked cement parking lots, the broken coke machines and the Bible in the bedside draw with the broken back.

What I love most of all are the dreams I have in the bumpy uncomfortable beds after a day of driving. Laying in the darkness listening to the trucks thundering past on the road outside I think about all the people who have stayed in the very room I am in. I imagine all the things that could have possibly happened and feel the fleeting ghosts of their presence echo around me. In the darkness I contemplate my own flickering sepia place in it's transitory history.

For me they are the most haunting and haunted places in America.

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  1. Those are really creepy places to stay in. I think it would be better if I have known that these places are haunted after check out. It will be hard to have a good night's sleep if you know of these facts beforehand.