Monday, October 17, 2011

Venustreet Book

I am proud to have one of my photographs published in Charalampos Kydonakis new photo-book venture ‘Venustreet’, which contains a wide collection of photography by some of the most interesting street photographers working today (in my opinion). It’s a fabulous and excellently edited book and well worth tracking down and ordering a copy. The images which make up this book were selected from his Flickr group of the same name.

Here is Charalampos’s introduction and description of his Flickr group which also gives a flavor of the book itelf:

"This group is dedicated to the beauty of women and all those who admire it. Its subject is the feminine beauty, also the interaction between women and man (or woman and woman, who knows?) and the interaction between woman and the photographer. All this through the eyes of the street photographer. Is it enough that a beautiful lady can create just by her presence in an image a beautiful photo of the street aesthetic? This group was made to try and answer this question. Our only matter is the photographer’s way of thinking and his/her guts to go close and to create street beauty from the beauty that one way or the other exists in reality. After the ‘click’ this beauty exists only in the unique moment caught by a photo and not in front of our eyes in real time."

Charalampos also hosts a wonderful and exciting blog which is well worth exploring.

The link below is to a recent feature he made about my own work:
Venustreet book can be previewed and ordered here at this link to
Charalampos is himself a wonderful photographer. His Flickr photo-stream can be found here:

Southwest Blvd, KC

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