Wednesday, August 3, 2011

President (IV)

Thrift Store, Overland Park, KS

Lincoln, Topeka, KS

Obama, NYC

Washington, Overland Park, KS (Library)

Truman, Jefferson City, MO

These images are a continuation of my series about the United States Presidents. This series is another of my long term projects which I began about a year ago and although the American presidents can be seen everywhere and often here in the U.S. I have found myself being extremely selective in my recording of them and the series presently only contains approximately 30 images to date and I consider it still very much in it's infancy.

Each United States President has become a kind of historical marker, defining a time, both historically and culturally. As an outsider, I have found it deeply compelling to see these powerful leading figures surface again from history, often unexpectedly and juxtaposed against the chaotic mosaic of present day life. In my continuing search to orientate myself within American culture, I have felt when photographing these sudden Presidential appearances, like I am somehow retrieving the memories from an Amnesiac.

My intention with this series is to eventually have a record photographically of every American president and giving myself a psychic history lesson in the process.