Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Truth Magazine - Issue.5 (Victim series)

Truth Magazine - issue.5, originally uploaded by fotorich.com.

I found out this morning that my Victims series has been published in issue 5 of Truth Magazine. So far I have only viewed the preview and the editor Richard Payne and Curator for this issue Dave Carswell have done an excellent job putting it together. For me this is a pleasant surprise, as I'd submitted the images a few months ago and had long forgotten about it. A nice start to this new year. Thank you guys.

Blurb about this issue:
"In a no-bullshit kind of way, Truth seems to be just the outlet to explore the various depths of human interaction and emotion. Even when we try to shield ourselves we do a fairly clumsy job of masking what’s behind the front. Contributors to the magazine come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and in spite of their unique styles there seemed to be an underlying current of ‘truthfulness’ about their submissions. We are blessed to have the philosophical musings of Salvatore Sale peppered throughout this issue. A fitting interlude to the bold statements our image makers are creating. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed putting it together."

To view a preview of This issue of Truth or to buy a copy please follow this link:
See a slideshow of the 'Victim' series here:

Please see the link below to see the contents of the entire issue:

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