Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Remains To Be Seen

Precious Moments Chapel

Jenny, KS

For a while now I have been working on a personal project called 'Never / Together' which I have now recently re-titled 'Remains To Be Seen'. It has involved a direct exploration and an awareness of what photographer Harvey Benge referred to in his wonderful Photo-book 'Vital Signs' as the "I-ness in Other-ness". It is a recognition that when photographing we bring our entire personal histories with us when making pictures and that we see not only with our eyes, but with our minds also.

For me this project has been a kind of ghost hunt.

This difficult new series of what are actually psychological landscapes constitutes a search for an understanding of one particular aspect of my own personal photographic vision and some of it's roots.

The images which make up this series are almost now complete and it rests uncomfortably as an incomplete document of psychic markers gathered here in the present, yet separated by 7 years and thousands of miles. My intention is, when finally edited, is to make a book which will both include these images and also a selected scattering of recently discovered poems and personal snapshots, which were brought with me to America and some other documents which were written at the time of the events it explores.

In my memory
Your image
Hangs in my heart
Like a beautiful
And timeless
Oil painting.

It is lit by candles
In a dark room
To which I have
The only key.

My expression
Is drawn
And flickers
In the low light
Of my fond

Yet the shadows
It casts distort
And make strange
Your features.


A truth all the same
That I dare not describe
For fear of tainting
Your spirit which is
Captured in this portrait,

Which unlike you
Was beautifully

More images from this series can be seen in previous posts on this blog or search 'Never / Together' here:

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