Friday, June 18, 2010

La Pura Vida Feature

A few weeks ago Bryan Formhals asked me if he could do a feature about my work at his really excellent photography website La Pura Vida.

This is what he said:

"When I stumble upon photographs like Simon’s I’m energized. This is when the constant looking pays off. He was teaching in Brighton and decided to come to the US, but instead of going to the magnets of NYC, SF or LA, he went to Kansas City. The photographs he produced might be what you’d expect, if they weren’t slightly different. There’s a heavy dose of Americana contained within but he translates his impressions authentically, and with verve. He’s a photographer completely enamored with the landscape in front of his eyes. After years of ignoring photography, middle America has fueled an obsession that we have the privilege of witnessing."

You can view more of Simon’s work on Flickr and through Get the picture agency.

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Founded in 2007, La Pura Vida is an online photography magazine and gallery that features monthly group shows edited by various photographers, as well as a daily blog with regular features, photography news and commentary.

Thank you Bryan.

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