Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ground Zero (With Time)

Ground Zero (With Time)

This image is part of a failed series I made titled "WAS HERE". My intention was to photograph this particular issue of Time Magazine in as many different locations as I possibly could on my recent road trip from NYC to Kansas - from Airplanes and Airports, various tourist destinations, in Diners, Gas Stations and Motels and in all the cities and small towns I visited or passed though on our journey home. Sadly though, for many reasons, the project didn't work out . Although I found the initial idea for the series a powerful one, the images I made were unfortunately, on the whole, uninteresting and somewhat contrived to me, so it was abandoned. This picture was made at Ground Zero in NYC.

Today is September 11th and I post this photograph in memory of those that lost their lives.

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